N.M. bill would require athletes to learn about brain injuries

A proposal in New Mexico would require that young athletes be educated on the signs and symptoms of brain injuries before they ever step onto a playing field.

A state law already requires that coaches learn about brain injuries, but Sen. Bill Soules would like it expanded to young athletes. The bill would force athletes to take a short course on concussions and how to respond if they suffer from one. Parents would have to sign off to verify that their child took the course once a year.

“I’m a retired high school teacher and this bill actually came from my students when we were talking about this,” Soules told KRQE News. “They said, ‘nobody tells us’ and it was like, we ought to make that a requirement.”

The proposal is already headed to the full Senate for a vote, and Soules told KRQE that he would expect the governor to sign it if it reached his desk.

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