Montana high schools to provide concussion insurance for athletes

All Montana high school student-athletes and cheerleaders will be covered by concussion insurance beginning with the 2015-16 school year, the state athletic association has announced.

MHSACoverage will include practices and competitions sanctioned by the Montana High School Association, according to The Montana Standard. Claims will first be billed to the athlete’s or cheerleader’s insurance provider, and HeadStrong Insurance would assist with any unpaid deductibles or co-pays.

“There are a number of proactive things we’re doing on both ends,” MHSA Executive Director Mark Beckman told The Montana Standard. “But when things do happen, we want it to be affordable for the families and want them feeling comfortable to get the proper treatments.

“It’s important when injuries happen to have families feeling comfortable, and hopefully this helps to alleviate those concerns.”

Montana joins Michigan as the only states to provide such coverage for high school student-athletes and cheerleaders.

From the article:

Injuries that may have caused a concussion must be an accident, and then result in a professionally diagnosed concussion.

The maximum benefit provided to the student-athlete is $25,000 per injury, per year with a $0 deductible per claim.

The covered expenses for medical care are accident only expenses and the coverage is not considered health care.

“This is a proactive step by the MHSA and it’s member schools,” Beckhman said in a press release. “It assures any high school athlete or cheerleader who is diagnosed with an activity related concussion will be afforded treatment with little to no out-of-pocket costs.”

The article noted that while parents responded favorably to the news, some were disappointed that it didn’t extend to athletes in middle school or younger.

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