Men’s NIT to experiment with 30-second shot clock

February 6, 2015 /
The men’s basketball 2015 NIT will experiment with a 30-second shot clock and four-foot restricted-area arc, the NCAA announced today.

College basketball currently uses a 35-second shot clock and a NITlogothree-foot restricted-area arc. The NCAA wants to see how the changes impact the pace of play and collisions under the basket.

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Coaches who participate in the NIT will be surveyed about how they prepared and practiced to compete using the experimental rules.

The committee will examine the data and discuss possible rules changes and identify ways to improve college basketball.

“The committee discussed both of these potential rule changes during its May 2014 meeting, knowing that the May 2015 meeting would be the committee’s next opportunity to make a change to either of these rules,” said Rick Byrd, head men’s basketball coach at Belmont University and chair of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Rules Committee.

“Although the committee will discuss a number of potential rules changes at the meeting, having specific data on these two rules should help the committee make a decision about whether such potential rule changes might further improve the flow and competitiveness of college basketball,” Byrd added.

The rules committee meets May 13-15 in Indianapolis, where members are expected to discuss the results. The NCAA indicated members hope to have initial findings by the Final Four, which takes place April 4-6.

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