Matt Doherty’s advice on coaching success

April 14, 2020 / Coaching
With his collegiate coaching career seemingly in the rearview mirror, Matt Doherty has turned his attention to offering advice and tips to the next crop of coaches at varying levels.

Doherty made a national name for himself leading the Notre Dame and University of North Carolina men’s basketball teams with stops at Florida Atlantic University and Southern Methodist University before serving as the associate commissioner for the Atlantic 10 Conference from 2017 to 2019.

Photo: Kevin813 / Creative Commons

But in a recent interview with The Journal Gazette, the former Tar Heels bench boss detailed how he’s transitioned to the next phase of his life as a professional growth coach and motivational speaker.

“A lot of people don’t like change. Especially when there’s been success,” Doherty said to The Journal Gazette. “Managing change is an art form. When I took over at Notre Dame, they wanted to change. When I took over at North Carolina, they didn’t want change because they’d been successful for 35 years. However, they needed change. That constant act, that dance, needed to be delicate. And it wasn’t delicate on my part. I came in with the same force and energy that we did when we took over at Notre Dame.”

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And Doherty is a big believer in tough times making for tougher individuals, as the old cliche goes.

“Whether it’s dealing with the coronavirus or dealing with an 8-20 season. You still have to lead,” he told The Journal Gazette. “And sometimes I think tough times reveal character and reveal leadership. It’s easy to lead when you’re winning. But when you’re faced with adversity, that’s when true leadership comes to the forefront.”

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