Launch Registration in 7 Days or Less 

April 1, 2021 / Technology
{Sponsored} Registration can be one of the most stressful times of the year as a sports organization  admin. Between preseason communications, collecting information and fees from hundreds  of athletes, setting your registration up online can feel daunting.   To help you find your north star in the midst of all the chaos, we broke down the key  components of registration building to help you open registration in 7 days, so even when  you’re behind the eight-ball, you can still find your way to opening day.

  • Day 1: Appoint Your Online Form Builder(s)
  • Day 2: Map Out Your Registration Process
  • Days 3 & 4: Build Your Form Online
  • Day 5: Review and Test What You’ve Built
  • Day 6: Market Your Registration
  • Day 7: The Big Launch

A safe return to sport means a lot of moving pieces, and opening registration is just one  component of that. A registration roadmap like this, can help your organization stay on track  and meet your registration deadlines with fewer hiccups along the way. If you’re in the  market for a new registration system, you’ll love TeamSnap’s registration solution, that allows  you to collect online payments, issue credits and much more!

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