Iowa legislator introduces bill requiring ATs for ‘collision sports’

The Iowa state senate is reviewing a bill that would require high schools to have athletic trainers at all home games for what are considered “collision sports.”

HeadInjuriesThe bill was drafted with the help of Brad Floy, secretary of the Iowa Athletic Trainers’ Society, according to KWWL. If passed, it would require schools to have athletic trainers at football, wrestling and soccer events.

From KWWL:

“Football, soccer, wrestling are the ones where you see the most concussions, the most severe injuries so we’re starting with those mostly because of the risks involved with those but also trying to narrow it down for the cost issue as well,” Floy told us.

Cost is one of the largest issues for many schools, Floy says it’s estimated to cost a school $2,500 to $5,000 a year just to provide someone at required home contest.

While the new legislation may financially impact smaller schools it is not going to impact large schools like Iowa City West where they already have a full time trainer on staff.

“I’d say it’s a big need to have somebody at games for all athletic injuries that occur whether it’s a sprained knee, sprained ankle or concussion,” said Scott Kibby, Athletic Director at Iowa City West.

Floy said in the article that he would prefer the bill cover all sports, but starting with the most at-risk sports allows schools to manage costs. Similar efforts are being made across the country, but schools argue they don’t have the funds to pay a full-time athletic trainer.

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