Holy Cross adds new aqua therapy room

October 10, 2018 / Sports Medicine
The College of the Holy Cross’ new sports medicine facility demonstrates the high level of commitment the school has to their students and student-athletes. The newly renovated and expanded Hart Center at the Luth Athletic Complex features an aqua therapy room with three SwimEx hot and cold plunge tanks.

Comprised of four different and distinct rooms, the new facility allows medical staff to utilize the most advanced technology and techniques to provide the best care possible to Holy Cross’ nearly 700 student-athletes. Cold plunge pools minimize aching muscles, help to inhibit lactic acid build up, and reduce soreness following a workout. This chiller system keeps water temperatures at a therapeutic 50°F (10°c). The insulated fiberglass shell keeps consistently cold temperatures with minimal maintenance and lower cooling costs.

Hydrotherapy plunge pools in the sports medicine suite. Photos: College of the Holy Cross

Hot plunge pools can aid sore limbs and joints before practice, games and while recovering from injury. The warm water reduces pain, swelling and facilitates muscle recovery to get back in the game fast. The heating system in the hot plunge pools brings water temperature up to 104° F (40° c). The insulated fiberglass shell keeps consistent temperatures with minimal maintenance and lower heating costs.

The Hart Center also includes 3,000 square feet of new space for sports medicine and 9,500 square feet of new space for strength and conditioning training and equipment.

Click here to learn more about the updated Hart Center.

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