Florida introducing new bill against athletic association

November 25, 2015 / Athletic Administration
Florida lawmakers are again introducing a bill that would change the way the state’s athletic association operates.

FHSAAA report from FloridaPolitics.com indicates the bill will be heard next week by the Education Appropriations subcommittee. It aims to change state law, making the Florida High School Athletic Association revenue-neutral. It would also allow schools to join the FHSAA as a full-time member or on a per-sport basis.

From the article:

The bill keeps the association “designated as the governing nonprofit organization of athletics in Florida public schools.” But it would replace it with another body if FHSAA “fails to meet the provisions of this section.”

The legislation says FHSAA “may not prohibit or discourage any school from simultaneously maintaining membership in the FHSAA and another athletic association.”

Further, the bill would restrain the group from collecting fees and event revenue that “exceed actual costs” of running the organization.

This would be the fifth straight year that Florida lawmakers have introduced legislation that would change the way the FHSAA operates. Critics of the association say strict rules prevent kids from changing schools without sitting out, while coaches and athletic directors argue that doing away with the organization would create a “free agency” system in Florida’s high schools.

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