Fence screens help create first-class athletic facilities

November 7, 2017 /

{Sponsored} Your athletic department is a brand. Your presence must be felt online, on social media, in the community and on campus.

The latter may be the most important, especially at West Valley College in Saratoga, California.

“We were tasked with increasing the marketing and branding efforts of our college,” said John Vlahos, dean of health and human development/intercollegiate athletics. “Our administration made athletics a priority in our marketing campaign and that’s what really kicked this all off for us.”

After having bad luck with a previous vendor, Vlahos turned to BigSign.com for help.

They hit the ground running in February 2016. Fence Screens were added to the baseball field; the batting cages are wrapped with images of West Valley players. Fence Screens were also added to the soccer field.

A year later, the college’s beach volleyball court was renovated and windscreens were added. Water polo graphics were added around the same time.

“BigSigns.com is our go-to vendor,” Vlahos said. Updates to West Valley’s softball facility are next on the schedule. They are looking into updating their tennis courts and hope to build a new wellness center in a few years. They expect BigSigns. com to be involved in each project.


“Their communication with us was outstanding throughout the whole process,” he said. “The follow up and follow through was first-rate and they had a lot of ideas to help us accomplish our goals.”

West Valley’s facilities were a bit aged and BigSigns.com’s Fence Screens gave them a fresh look.

“The athletes love it,” Vlahos said. “And the community has been very supportive. When they step foot on campus, they see the investment we’ve made in athletics and they are excited to see what we’re doing. It’s been great marketing for our college.”

Why should athletic administrators consider branding and marketing upgrades at their school?

  • It creates and enhances brand identity
  • It’s a way to improve the look and feel of athletic facilities.
  • It’s attractive to potential studentathletes during the recruiting process.

“Without a doubt, the costs are worth it,” Vlahos said. “It’s added a level of professionalism to our campus and the athletes feel like they are playing in first-class facilities.”

For more information about BigSigns. com’s Fence Screens, visit www.bigsigns. com or contact them at 800-790-7611.

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