Celebrate victories, honor tradition with outdoor graphics

March 21, 2017 /
{Sponsored} Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, has a rich history of success. To honor the past and celebrate recent achievements, the school looked to BigSigns.com for help.

The first of three projects began in 2013. Seth Asbury, associate director of athletics for facilities and event management, said the goal was to “dress up our chain-link fences” around the soccer field with Dura-Mesh Fence GraphicsTM that highlight Final Four appearances and a national championship.

BigSigns.com’s Dura-Mesh graphics are made of durable, poly-coated, vinyl scrim material and allow for 35 percent wind pass through. The graphics print four-color photos using UV-protected inks.

“We wanted to display the national successes of both our men’s and women’s teams while celebrating our history,” Asbury said. “In collaboration with our university marketing team, we also wanted to enhance the University’s brand, logos, colors and #TigerPride within our facilities.”

In 2014, the school added a similar project to the list: Dura-Mesh Fence Graphics around their tennis courts to recognize recent men’s and women’s individual Grand Slam champions, NCAA champions and team NCAA championships.

“The Dura-Mesh graphics have not only enhanced our game-day atmosphere, but also our everyday look on campus,” Asbury said. “The graphics tell the story of our tennis and soccer programs and visitors to these facilities are quickly educated.

“And alumni appreciate the recognition.”

Why was BigSigns.com the right partner for the project?

Because they have a proven track record with all types and sizes of institutions, according to Asbury.

“They have great customer service and produce a great product,” he said.

What’s next for Trinity University and BigSigns.com?

In 2016, the Trinity University baseball team won the Division III national championship for the first time. Dura-Mesh graphics are being added to the outside wall of Bell Athletic Center, the facility that borders the baseball field.

“The graphics will highlight and celebrate the National Championship,” Asbury said. “We hope this small piece is a start to recognize the team’s success, enhance the game-day atmosphere and mark the beginning of future facility enhancements.”

For more information about BigSigns.com’s Dura-Mesh Fence Graphics, visit www.bigsigns.com or contact your area sales representative.

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