Calif. prep basketball player allegedly attacks spectator

January 28, 2016 / Basketball
A 17-year-old California high school basketball player was taken into custody by police Tuesday after allegedly going into the stands following a game and attacking a spectator.

BasketballHoopCBSLA reports that the confrontation took place following a varsity basketball game between Golden Valley and West Ranch high schools. The player reportedly ran into the stands and struck another 17-year-old.


Newhall Signal staff writer Mason Nesbitt said the home crowd had hurled boos and taunts toward the player during the game, but “it didn’t appear to be anything inappropriate or out of the norm for a high school basketball game.”

Authorities said the spectator believed to have been struck had cuts to his face but didn’t need to go to a hospital. Two girls also were caught in the melee but were not seriously injured.

The news station reported that the player was charged with felony battery. Administrators from both schools are working together to find out what led to the incident, and CBSLA reported that the player has been released to his parents.

It’s unclear whether the player faces any disciplinary action by the school or the team, but that’s likely coming.

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