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November 30, 2018 / Football
{Sponsored} Educational opportunities for football coaches and administrators are abundant in the offseason. You can find them across the country,each with its own take. But why travel to multiple locations when you can visit one large event and get a well-rounded educational experience in a few short days?

The USA Football National Conference is geared toward youth and high school football, but any football coach or administrator will find value in the event. The schedule includes everything from an excellent set of speakers and vendors to yoga and everything in between. Every position coach can find valuable sessions that speak to their educational needs.

Speakers run the gamut, from coaches, administrators, medical staff and sports psychologist.

For administrators and head coaches who have considered implementing Heads Up Football, there is a session about how the premier coaching education system can be delivered to your football program and coaches.

For those who already have Heads Up Football, limit-registration sessions provide opportunities to gain new certifications, such as 2019 tackle football.

Are you making the best of both SPOs and RPOs? Several sessions focus on these two options – check out how to break them down to your players and how to use them in a way that best works for your team.

Successful coaches will discuss how they do what they do, break down their strategies, systems, philosophies and staff development tactics, and provide real information that coaches can apply between seasons.

Social media is always a hot-button issue, and one session will focus on marketing efforts that can be used for football programs. Learn how social media can be positive platform for promoting the school and football team.

The Vendor Village — where attendees can explore cutting edge products and vendors that cover the needs of youth and scholastic sports — includes Riddell, Hudl, Gatorade and many more.

With all of these and many more sessions that are still under development, the question isn’t why you’re going to the conference – it’s whywouldn’t you go? Mark your calendar for February 22-24, 2019and book your travel to Orlando, Florida!

Check out more details at Sessions are being added daily, so check back often for the updated schedule!


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