Arkansas lawmaker seeks state takeover of activities association

January 4, 2017 / Athletic AdministrationCoaching
An Arkansas lawmaker is drafting legislation that would allow the government to assume control of the state’s activities association.

State Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson told KARK-TV in Little Rock that there is a lack of oversight for high school activities, and he’s creating a bill to change that. Arkansas Activities Association (AAA) Executive Director Lance Taylor said the “current makeup of the association is working.”


The AAA is no stranger to controversy — whether it’s a vacated championship or disqualified players — AAA’s rules — and the consequences for breaking them have brought heartache to communities across Arkansas.

“I wouldn’t dare criticize a particular decision because I don’t know all the facts but that’s part of the problem is a lot of people don’t know the facts,” Hutchinson said.

“I think it serves everybody’s interest to open that process up and let people see behind the curtain and see why decisions are being made,” he continues.

The legislation would give the governor and other elected officials the power to appoint the AAA’s board of directors, a decision currently in the hands of school districts.

One high school football coach said in the article that he worries about elected officials with no understanding of the high school sports landscape making critical decisions. 

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