Alabama’s Miller brought gun to Miles before fatal shooting

February 22, 2023 / Athletic AdministrationBasketball
Alabama freshman standout Brandon Miller brought the gun that former teammate Darius Miles allegedly used in the murder of 20-year-old Michael “Buzz” Davis.

The revelation comes from testimony earlier this week where Miles contacted Miller and asked him to bring his gun to another Tuscaloosa location.

alabamaAlabama is currently 23-4 and ranks second in the nation and sits atop the SEC with a 13-1 conference record.

A recent story from detailed the new information unearthed from a testimony involving Miles, Miller, and head coach Nate Oats.

Below is an excerpt from the story.

When Miller got to the scene, Miles told Davis, “The heat is in the hat.” Det. Branden Culpepper said that meant a gun was present.

Miles added, “There’s one in the head.” That, Culpepper said, meant a round was in the chamber.

Miles moved his girlfriend back to get her out of line of fire, Culpepper added.

Miller’s windshield was struck twice by gunfire in the shooting, police testified. Another Alabama basketball player, Jaden Bradley, was also at the scene of the shooting, according to testimony.

Asked by why Miller was not charged, Tuscaloosa chief deputy D.A. Paula Whitley said, “That’s not a question I can answer. There’s nothing we could charge him with,’’ according to the law, she said.

“We knew about that. Can’t control everything everybody does outside of practice. Nobody knew that was going to happen. College kids are out, Brandon hasn’t been in any type of trouble nor is he in any type of trouble in this case. Wrong spot at the wrong time,” Oats said.

The testimony came in Tuesday’s preliminary hearing for Miles, 21, and Davis, 20, both of whom are charged in the Jan. 15 Tuscaloosa killing of Jamea Jonae Harris, 23.

The testimony lasted more than 2 1/2 hours before Tuscaloosa County District Judge Joanne Jannik.

Miles and Davis have been best friends since middle school, according to Davis’s mother’s testimony.

The judge ruled there is enough evidence against Miles and Davis to send the case to the grand jury for indictment consideration. She also denied their request for bond.

Both Miles and Davis sobbed at the end of the court hearing. The two remain held without bond in the Tuscaloosa County Jail.

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