Watch Now: Return to Play Webinar Series

April 1, 2021 / Technology
{Sponsored} As we head into another season of uncertainty. Many coaches and sports organizers may face  the challenges of the pandemic for the first time. For them, as well as for all of our sports  community, we’ve compiled our COVID-19 webinars for guidance during the upcoming  spring season.  Whether it’s questions about handling registrations and refunds, staying connected with  your teams remotely, or wanting to find out what other organizations are doing to get back  on the fields, we’ve got you covered!  What’s inside:

  • A Look Ahead: The Future of Youth Sports
  • Roundtable: Engaging Players and Parents
  • Roundtable: Rethink Your Revenue Game Plan
  • The Comeback: Interview with Triple Crown CEO, Keri King
  • Roundtable: Navigating Current Challenges

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