November/December 2018


• Basketball: Making the most of in-season training programs

Fighting for a Future: How the Lakewood (N.J.) High School football program was rescued from a budgetary crisis

• Properly Using your Facilities: How poor management and oversight can lead to lawsuits and injuries

• Mind Games: How football players and coaches can sharpen their minds by ‘unfocusing’

Growth by growing up: A lesson in exercising patience with your athletes

• Pulse of the program: A proven system for evaluating team performance and chemistry

• Taking the temperature of culture in athletics


• Between the Lines: A new era in event security

• A.D.ministration: The evolving athletic director position

• Powerline: Training yourself — coaches must look out for No. 1

• Winning Edge: Confronting the culture of entitlement

• 40 Under 40 Perspectives: Rejuvenating the atmosphere at your athletic events

• Product Marketplace