Competitive 1-on-1 drill From Craig Mellendorf, formerly of Martin Luther High School, Greendale, Wisconsin

Divide your team into two lines of players (X’s and O’s) and position a line at each free-throw lane line out of bounds, under the basket. The first player in each line steps to the nearest low block. A coach stands at the top of the key with a basketball.

DIAGRAM 1: The coach initiates the drill by setting the ball down on the floor and quickly backs up to half court. As soon as the ball touches the floor, the players on each low block must execute a quick defensive slide to the nearest sideline, touch it and sprint to get the ball. Whoever retrieves the ball first is on offense and the players immediately play 1-on-1 until a basket is scored.

The losing players runs a lap and the next two players in line step up to each low block to run the drill again. Continue the drill for a predetermined time limit.