12-player, 4-ball drill is a great pregame warmup From Todd Bertsch, head freshman girls coach, Billings Skyview High School, Montana

The following drill is one of our team’s favorites. It’s a great drill that incorporates many fundamentals, including passing, screening, footwork, communication, rebounding, movement, hustle and shooting with a purpose.

We start each season by teaching players this drill, and we continue using it throughout the course of the year. It also serves as an extremely effective pre-game warmup drill.

We give players either a predetermined timeframe to complete the drill, or we set a certain number of made shots as the goal to finish the drill.

DIAGRAM 1: To set up the drill, you need 12 players positioned in a half-court situation. Set up six players in a single file line, beginning at the bottom of the center-court circle (players 1 to 6). The first four players in that line each hold a ball. The other six players (players 7 to 12) are positioned at various spots within the half-court area. 7 and 8 are set up at each elbow; 9 and 10 are positioned in each baseline corner; and 11 and 12 are set in each corner of the half-court line.

The drill begins by having 7 set a screen for 9. 9 uses the screen cuts to the wing area and receives the pass from 1.

DIAGRAM 2: 9 either shoots a jumper or drives to the basket for a layup. While 9 shoots, 8 breaks to the opposite corner and screens for 10. 10 uses the screen and breaks to the wing area to receive a pass from 2. 9 recovers the rebound from their shot and speed dribbles from behind the baseline to the opposite corner (see Diagram 3).

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DIAGRAM 3: 10 shoots a jumper, or drives to the basket from the left side of the floor. As 10 shoots, 1 screens for 7, and 9 throws a skip pass to 11 in the corner. 7 uses 1’s screen and cuts to the wing area to receive a pass from 3. 11 throws a chest pass to the next player in line without a ball (player 5 in this diagram). Both 9 and 11 follow their passes to the next spot.

DIAGRAM 4: The pattern continues with 7 shooting or driving to the basket. 10 rebounds his or her own shot attempt and dribbles to the opposite baseline corner. 2 sets a screen for 8, who cuts to the wing and receives a pass from 4. 11 throws a skip pass to 12, who throws a skip pass to the next player in line without a ball. The pattern continues until the time limit or made-basket goal is achieved.

Players must communicate with one another, concentrate on making the correct pass to the appropriate player. They also must remember where to go next.

With repetition and practice, your players can become quite proficient at running this drill.