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Utilize outstanding guards with this play

by Don Kloth, Warren Township High School, Illinois

“Panther” is a great play when you have two outstanding guards.

DIAGRAM 1: This shows the box alignment we use to initiate the play. As 1 dribbles across half-court, 5 downscreens for 4, who breaks out to the wing. After 5 screens for 4, 5 cuts to the corner. As this occurs, 3 breaks to the left wing.

DIAGRAM 2A: After the pass to 4, 1 cuts hard to the middle of the lane looking for a give-and-go. If 1 does not receive a pass, 1 turns and sets a backscreen for 2. 2 will cut on the ball side of the screen looking for a pass from 4. 1 pops back for the 3-point shot; oftentimes, this shot is open.

DIAGRAM 2B: 2 can backcut the screen by 1 for a layup, and 1 still pops back for a possible shot.

DIAGRAM 2C: If the defense cheats on 2, 2 has the option to reject the screen by 1 and pop back for a shot. As this occurs, 1 slips back to the basket for a layup.

DIAGRAM 3: If the pass is made to 1 at the top, and 1 does not take a shot, 2 sets a baseline screen for 5, who makes a flex cut. 5 could receive a pass from either 1 or 3 after the ball reversal. After the pass to 1, 4 sets a downscreen for 2, who pops to the wing.

DIAGRAM 4: After the reversal pass, 1 screens away for 2. We are now in a three-out, two-in set and can run any of our offenses.