July 23, 2020 • Coaching

The DEFINITE DOZEN©: Make Winning an Attitude

{Sponsored} Championship coach Pat Summitt created a profound model for principles of success and leadership in sport and life called the DEFINITE DOZEN©.

Make Winning an Attitude

Combine practice with belief. Attitude is a choice. Maintain a positive outlook. All of these short, impactful phrases define what it means to “make winning an attitude.” No one ever got anywhere by being negative.

Confidence is what happens when you’ve done the hard work that entitles you to succeed. It has been said, it’s your attitude, not your aptitude, that defines your altitude. It does not matter what position, stature or level you are at in life: what PatSummitt_JulyAugustIE_Imagematters is your attitude and your work ethic. If you believe in yourself and work hard, then you will succeed.

Flipping the switch from “I can’t do it” to “I can do it” will invoke positive change. Coach Summitt would create an environment of positivity by not only what she said, but what she did. A winning attitude will only be successful if you believe in it AND work hard for it. As Pat Summitt said, “There are some concrete ways to create a winning attitude. But nothing beats practicing it. When you prepare to win, belief comes easily.”


• Won 1,098 games
• 18 NCAA Final Fours
• 8 National Championships
• “Coach of the Year” 15 times
• Olympian as coach and player
• 100% student-athlete graduation rate
• And much more…