May 1, 2020 • Athletic Administration

Texas A&M, Texas Tech planning for fall sports season

Public universities in the state of Texas announced they will plan to reopen campuses, in addition to sports, this fall on Thursday, April 30.

According to a story published in the Texas Tribune, the Texas A&M University system — consisting of 11 schools across the state — as well as Texas Tech University are planning to reopen their campuses in the fall and be ready to play sports.

Photo: Blake Rae / Creative Commons

Joining the two schools in reopening in the fall appears to be the University of Texas System, as chancellor James B. Milliken told the Tribune, but would not confirm the return of fall sports, like football, for the Longhorns.

“Sports are maybe the only thing above the chancellor’s pay grade,” Milliken told the Tribune.

Both Baylor University and Texas Women’s University have previously stated that they will resume on-campus classes this fall.

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Gov. Greg Abbott has already ordered schools closed through the remainder of the 2020 school year, and told the Tribune that preliminary conversations with the university systems about preparing for the fall.

“We know this is important t begin to start reaching some level of preparation. You can’t decide Aug. 1, ‘Oh, let’s go back to school,’ and do it. You have to begin planning now,” Abbott said. “As the facts change, plans will change.”

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