September 21, 2014 • SoccerXs and Os

Soccer: Three drills to perfect your throw-ins

There is a lack of fundamentals in today’s game when it comes to throw-ins.

A throw-in is an opportunity to continue possession and even attack at certain times. Too many turnovers are being committed when it comes to throw-ins. We work with our players daily to keep the ball.

Here is a simple training drill to build up and help improve throw-in success.

DRILL 1: “Man on” or “Turn.”

Start with two players 20 yards apart and a ball. The cones are 20 yards apart with a player at each cone.

Player A has the ball and B checks away. As B checks back, A delivers a throw-in to Player B’s feet and instructs Player B “Man on”” or ““Turn.”” B then returns the ball to Player A with a one-touch pass if the “”Man on”” call is given. If a “”Turn” call is given, B turns and moves past his cone on the dribble. Then B throws the ball in to A.

DRILL 2: Add A Player.

Next, add a third player (C) to give pressure on B. Change roles after 10 reps.

DRILL 3: Spread Out.

The third step is to change the setup of the field. There is a goal of two cones at 20 yards from A, and two other goals, one 10 yards to the left and the other 10 yards to the right of A.

Now, B can check away and receive the ball from A and can go to goal 1 or 3 while holding off C. If A tells B to “Turn,” he can turn and go to goal 2. The objective of this exercise is for the thrower to throw the ball to the proper foot, while keeping B’s body between the ball and the defender. The throw needs to have the proper pace and timing.

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