August 22, 2012 • Strength & Conditioning

Sherry Moseler: Create Meetings To Discuss Conditioning


MoselerSherry Moseler,Girls Volleyball


Conditioning programs are important for successful sports teams.

While Arrowhead is a fairly large school, there are still athletes who play in multiple sports.

To make sure student athletes are not overtaxed, the coaching staff meets monthly to talk about conditioning activities, says Arrowhead girls volleyball coach Sherry Moseler.

“We’re making sure not to take one athlete who’s in multiple sports and have three coaches making sure you’re doing this, this and this, and they’re actually doing it three times what they need to,” Moseler says. “Otherwise, it could get to be like we’re pulling on the athlete a little too much.

“In a school this size it’s hard to communicate, so we’re really trying to have more continuity between the programs.”

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