August 22, 2012 • Soccer

Scott Asher: Communication Is Key With Athletes


AsherScott Asher, Girls Soccer

While communicating with the parents of high school athletes is the job of every high school coach, Scott Asher doesn’t believe it should get in the way of developing his players and the girls soccer program.

Whether it’s playing time or other game-related issues, Asher generally doesn’t allow parents to start asking questions that he feels their daughters need to ask. That point is made clear at the beginning of the season.

“If they feel that they’re not getting enough playing time, the girls can come talk to their coaches and they’ll be told exactly what situation they’re in, and exactly how to go about making it better for themselves,” Asher says. “And then it’s up to them.

“We’re not going to have those conversations with parents because we’d be having them every day, and it would take away from what we’re trying to get done. Also, mom and dad might come back and tell their daughter what I said, or they might tell her what I said in different words.

“I tell players exactly what they need to hear, and how we’re going to achieve it.”

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