February 27, 2019 • Football

Recap: The 2019 USA Football National Conference

Session 3 — The Bond Between Youth Leagues and High School Programs

We kick off the second day with a session on how youth and high school programs can work together. It was led by Rob Leach, head of the house travel and flag football leagues for Park Ridge Sports (Illinois) and Dave Inserra, head coach of the Maine South High School (Illinois) football team.

Keynote: Jeremy Pruitt & Mike Tomlin

The second day keynote kicked off with University of Tennessee head football coach Jeremy Pruitt and followed with Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin. The two talk about how football helps develop young children and the lessons they learned from the game.

Session 4: Culture and Execution

Led by Focus 3 CEO Brian Kight, coaches learn about building a healthy culture and strategies to get support from those around them.

Session 5 — Planning, Practice & Preparation for Friday Night Lights

Beaumont High School (California) head football coach Jeff Steinberg walks coaches through his planning and organizational strategies during each day of the football season.

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