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Navigating the Insurance Jungle

{Sponsored} The last thing coaches, athletic directors and other administrators want to worry about during games or events is insurance coverage. It can be tricky to parse the complex language in policies and it is a must that coaches, schools and administrators have the correct policies in place. How do coaches and athletic directors navigate this landscape and put the correct policy in place?Football players, courtesy of K+K Insurance

The first step in finding and obtaining the right coverage is to figure out what level of coverage is necessary. This could include liability for boards of directors, sports injuries, coaches and event staff, depending on the coverage chosen. Coaches and schools need to be aware that while it seems to make sense that the school’s coverage should extend to all athletic events that are conducted on school grounds, such as camps or tournaments, that is not always the case. If the coach is conducting a camp, clinic or tournament outside of his normal duties for the school, he likely needs to purchase his own insurance policy to be properly protected.

Most coaches or schools will begin by finding a local agent in the community. However, since the local insurance representative may or may not understand the nuances involved in sports insurance policies, it is simpler and faster for coaches to go directly to the source. This is where a specialty athletic insurer such as K&K Insurance can bridge the gaps.K&K Insurance Logo

“The coverage you should be looking at first is general liability insurance. If someone is injured, or something is damaged as a result of your operation, the liability policy is intended to protect you from financial loss resulting from claims alleging negligence. Another common type of coverage purchased by sports organizations is participant accident medical. It provides excess medical payments for athlete injuries above what may be provided by other insurance plans,” said Mark Beck, senior vice president at K&K Insurance.

Things to look for that may not be covered by a standard policy include:
bodily injury and property damage for events that are not reported; injuries to athletes and other defined participants; accusations of sexual harassment or abuse. wrongful acts committed by the Board of Directors and Officers; and actions of event volunteers.

Sports-specific policies may be able to cover all of these gaps and more. When reviewing existing insurance policies, or considering new coverage, coaches and administrators should ask questions such as:
1. Who is listed as an insured in the policy?
2. What activities and operations are covered?
3. What is NOT covered (referred to as “Exclusions”) in the policy?
4. Does it cost more if I have to add a third party or facility owner to my policy
(referred to as an “Additional Insured”)?
5. Do I have coverage for concussions or other head injuries?

Why work with a specialized sports insurance provider?
“K&K has been insuring sports for over 65 years. All of our employees are very well-versed in the sports industry. Our underwriters already understands their business, the questions to ask; coaches and administrators won’t have to go into as much detail. We perform all of the functions of an insurance company, but on their behalf, so we underwrite, quote and bind coverage as well as issue all policy documents and certificates. Plus, K&K has a full-service claims dept with authority from the insurance company to investigate and adjudicate claims. What customers can expect is prompt service and expertise about these types of claims. Plus, we know to review waivers and make sure they’re in place. We understand the assumption of liability,” Beck said.

Buying insurance today includes a variety of options, including purchasing online. When coaches find that their coverage has lapsed or doesn’t meet the requirements for an event — even the day before — they can look online, 24/7, at
www.kandkinsurance.com and, if eligible, receive proof of insurance immediately.

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  1. Just wanted to thank you for all your work in lowering the chance of injuries to players – and lowering the chance of coaches and athletic administrators traveling to court.
    My 52 year career as a sport and recreation safety consultant has benefited a great deal from your information.

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