February 19, 2019 • Strength & Conditioning

Motivating Moments: Ken Mannie offers tips to aspiring strength coaches

Michigan State University strength coach Ken Mannie offered some words of wisdom to aspiring strength coaches at his recent clinic, including the value of developing trust and why it’s critical to establish “separation qualities.”

Mannie is a columnist for Coach & Athletic Director. His column, Powerline, offers tips for strength and conditioning coaches, and it appears in each issue of the magazine.

A few highlights from Mannie’s talk, with the full video below:

  • On education: “That will not necessarily get you the position. You need to know what’s current and what people are looking for over and above all of that. … What separates you?”
  • On getting a foot in the door: “You need to find a place to intern. … You better start seeking these positions a good year out from your undergrad (degree).”
  • On professionalism: “Watch your step … This is supposed to be a profession. It’s only going to be a profession if those in it are conducting themselves in a professional way.”

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