September 10, 2020 • Facilities

Keeping Students Safe with a Single Application Lasting up to 90 Days

{Sponsored} As we kick off the new school year, there are still many unknowns. How will facilities remain safe for students and staff? Who will handle  sanitization? How much extra custodial staff will be needed in order to keep larger facilities, such as gymnasiums, disinfected? What other solutions are available that will provide a peace of mind for our students and community?

Power Ad Company realized that while they typically help schools with needs within their Athletic Departments — providing equipment and revenue at no cost to high schools — the greater need for their schools was now keeping students and staff safe and having the time and staff needed in order to properly sanitize the facilities. Power Ad Company adapted to serve that need.

As an answer to these and other questions schools are asking, Power Ad Company is changing the game with an exciting new option for schools: BioShield®75.

The product has been around for nearly two decades in the textile and restaurant industries, and is now available for public facilities — specifically schools — in
order to help make sanitizing easier and safer for students and staff alike. “In
July 2020, we were approached by an antimicrobial company who wanted us to
sell their product, BioShield®75. It is incredible given the current climate (and I’d call it the Lord’s amazing provision),” said Jennifer Westerfield, owner and senior vice president at Power Ad Company.

It is estimated that it takes one week for a typical janitorial staff to clean and disinfect an entire building. BioShield®75 provides around-the-clock protection for up to 90 days after a single application allowing for the cleaning schedule to remain the same as they were pre-COVID-19. BioShield®75 is applied through a commercial mister that lays down a shield of protection evenly and quickly.


This is a biostatic surface protectant that works mechanically — not chemically — to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and fungi from any surface for up to 90 days. Unlike disinfectants, which only kill the microbe when they are wet, BioShield®75 kills around the clock both when wet and when dry. BioShield®75 is water-based, nontoxic, odorless, colorless and environmentally friendly, so it can be easily and safely applied to any surface by using a mister. It is EPA-approved for all food contact and nonfood contact surfaces.


On June 16, 2020, BioShield®75 technology demonstrated a residual kill rate of 99.9% of the virus strain that causes COVID-19. BioShield®75 is like an invisible coat of paint. The only way you can damage the barrier is to use abrasion, such as with a scouring cleaning pad. In addition to protecting your students and faculty from sickness, BioShield®75 will also eliminate odors caused by bacteria.
With BioShield®75, you clean all surfaces with a cleaner and then spray the product on with a mister. This will protect for up to 90 days and will only need  reapplied 4-5 times a year.

Power Ad Company recommends cleaning the surface with GreenKleen
before applying BioShield®75. GreenKleen is a unique cleaner and degreaser that is specifically formulated to prepare surfaces for a BioShield®75 application. A gallon of BioShield®75 will cover about 4,000 square feet.


You know Power Ad Company as Side Effects Inc., a sports marketing company with nearly 25 years of experience. Side Effects, Inc. purchased Power Ad Company in 2020 and has rebranded as Power Ad Company. When the global COVID-19 pandemic started, they realized that schools need more than marketing and sports equipment during these unprecedented times. In addition to their new BioShield®75 product, Power Ad Company now offers their turnkey Sports Marketing services for the school’s NFHS Network streaming channel.

For more information about how your school can get started with BioShield®75, fundraising on your streaming channel or any of their other products and services call 937-704-9696 or visit

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