August 22, 2012 • Tennis

Jeremy Schlitt: Facilities Make All The Difference

SchlittJeremy Schlitt,Boys Tennis


While the Arrowhead tennis facilities may not be quite as impressive as the artificial-turf football field or the basketball field house, they are a definite plus for the program, says varsity head coach Jeremy Schlitt.

“Having 12 courts right here at the high school is awesome, no doubt about that,” says Schlitt.

The facilities were further enhanced by the addition of a new tennis equipment storage facility next to the courts. The facility allows equipment for practice and matches to be on hand when needed. The courts are also equipped with sheltered benches to allow players to get out of the sun or away from inclement weather.

The program has two ball machines that are used for return-of-service and similar drills.

The Arrowhead program also has a relationship with nearby Lake Country Racquet and Athletic Club in Hartland.

“Almost all of our guys are members over there, so if it rains, Lake Country is really good about letting us come over there and use their indoor facilities,” Schlitt says.

The club has eight indoor courts, and while it may not always be easy for the team to get court time, it does provide a positive alternative, especially in the early weeks of the boys season, since rain and snow are frequently a part of a Wisconsin’s “spring.”


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