August 22, 2012 • Sports Medicine & Nutrition

Jason Abels: Most Common Injuries Treated By Trainers

AbelsJason Abels, Head Trainer


Here’s a list of the typical injures that Arrowhead trainers Jason Abels and Rachel Juntz handle for five of the school’s 30 sports:

  • Football: Concussions, fractures and other orthopedic surgical needs.
  • Basketball: Ankle injuries.
  • Baseball: Shoulder-related injuries and elbow injuries from throwing.
  • Hockey: Concussions. “We used to see a lot of separated shoulders, but fewer now since they’ve reduced the hitting,” Abels says. “We don’t see a whole lot of ankle injuries with the skate locking down the ankle.”
  • Track: Shin splints followed by hip flexor and hamstring strains. For distance runners, it’s tendinitis.

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