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13 Innovating Products in Sports

Power Ad Company — BioShield75 How do you keep students safe from what they can’t see? The answer is BioShield®75. This patented product has been around for nearly two decades in the textile and restaurant industries and is now available to schools for the first time.

BioShield®75 provides around-the-clock protection and is applied through a commercial mister that lays down a shield of protection evenly and quickly. BioShield®75 is a biostatic surface protectant that works mechanically — not chemically — to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and fungi from any surface for up to 90 days. BioShield®75 is water-based, non-toxic, odorless, colorless, and environmentally friendly, so it can be easily and safely applied to any surface. It is EPA-approved for all food contact and non-food contact surfaces.  

On June 16, 2020, BioShield®75 technology demonstrated a residual kill rate of 99.9% of the virus strain that causes COVID-19. BioShield®75 is like an invisible coat of paint. In addition to protecting your students and faculty from sickness, BioShield®75 will also eliminate odors caused by bacteria. 

Will your school be able to communicate to your communities that you are going the extra mile to keep students safe

Find out more about BioShield®75 by calling 937-704-9696 or by visiting www.PowerAdCompany.com.

Fox 40 International — Fox 40 Whistle Mask

If and when athletic activities resume, everyone must protect themselves from the risks of the coronavirus — referees included. 

Introducing The Fox 40 Whistle Mask, allowing users to use a Fox 40 Whistle while protecting themselves and others in close vicinity from droplets. The high functionality head strap and built-in whistle clip are optimized for usage while in motion. The whistle mask allows a referee to attach their whistle to the mask via a clip and following the game, the referees can remove the whistle, clean it, and wash the mask before their next competition. 

The whistle mask allows officials and coaches working in various minor and professional sports leagues as well as schools to feel safer on the ice, field, or court when play is resumed in the coming weeks and months.

The Fox 40 Whistle Mask is made from 100% moisture resistant Polyester and made in Canada. Available in 3 sizes: (Head Circumference) S/M (22″-23″); L/XL (23 1/2″-24 1/2″); XXL (25″-26″).

For more information, visit www.fox40shopusa.com

Continental Girbau — E-Series Commercial Washer-Extractors

Designed to drive down water, electrical, and gas costs while improving productivity, E-Series High-Performance Washer-Extractors deliver high-speed extract, an easy-to-install freestanding design, unmatched durability, and the ultimate in programmability! E-Series commercial washers deliver more performance using less labor, natural resources, and chemicals. 

The freestanding design of E-Series allows for quick installation and same-day operation. Unlike hard-mount washers, there is no need to bolt E-Series Washers to concrete foundations. Its high-speed extraction removes more water from each load — reducing dry-time, operating time, utility consumption, and labor expense. 

E-Series technology allows for superior wash quality using considerably less water than many competitive washers. E-Series are designed without a sump — a water containment area at the base of the washer. This saves up to 3 gallons of water with each fill when compared to machines equipped with an outer tub sump. Less water used equates to lower water-heating costs and reduced chemical usage.

To learn more, visit www.cgilaundry.com

Mondo USA — Strength & Conditioning Platforms

Flooring in the weightlifting area must be able to withstand the constant load of the equipment. That means it has to be tough and long-lasting.

MONDO rubber surfaces are ideal for areas dedicated to cross-training and powerlifting. When engaging in powerlifting or intense cross-training, it is important for the floor to provide the support, traction, shock absorbency, and comfort that allows the athlete to train safely and push their limits.

With several different products that are excellent options for weight room flooring and locker room flooring, each flooring type is made from vulcanized rubber and features advanced technologies. 

To exceed one’s limits, there’s MondoArmor Strength. The triple-layered construction reduces the risk of injury by preventing weight bars from bouncing out of control. MondoArmor Strength is the ideal solution for weightlifting platforms and strength and conditioning areas. A weightlifting platform must provide support at the moment of maximum effort. It has to be stable, uniform, and comfortable, so users can fully concentrate on their workouts. Sport Impact’s two vulcanized layers not only absorb even the most violent impact from free weights, but they also reduce muscle stress and support leg exertion. Training Turf is designed to combine softness and resistance: The shock-absorbing underlayer provides optimal support for the use of training sleds, while the surface filament construction minimizes abrasions, enabling comfortable training even when your skin touches the turf

Learn about their complete rubber flooring product line for your weightlifting area by visiting www.mondoworldwide.com

NEX Team Inc. — HomeCourt Training App

productsThe HomeCourt training app is designed to test and improve skillsets for basketball players of all skill levels. Whether it’s working on shooting, ball-handling, finishing, or agility drills, the app is capable of giving real-time feedback on release times, angles, vertical, speed, and shot filters through its AI called “Shot Science.” 

With the help of a tripod, players can interact with the app and a front-facing camera on a smartphone or tablet and compete in challenges — tracking individual progression and performance as well as seeing how they stack up with other users around the globe. 

Challenges include replicating the top moves used by NBA superstars. Users can learn the step-back 3-pointer from Trae Young, or Donovan Mitchell’s spin move, or Eric Gordon’s catch-and-release motion. Players then can follow their progressions with the Skill Ratings feature that can translate into real games — accuracy, speed, consistency, and difficulty. 

Their new feature, NBA Global Scout, allows players to get their own NBA Draft Combine measurements and participate in different positional skill development exercises inspired by what the future pros actually go through. 

HomeCourt is used by players in more than 170 countries worldwide and has tracked more than 45 million shots and 70 million dribbles. 

To learn more about the HomeCourt app, visit www.homecourt.ai

T°CoolEvaporative Cool Technology

How to effectively keep synthetic turf systems cool and comfortable during warm weather months is the number one industry question. Introducing T°Cool® Evaporative Cooling Technology – available for crumb rubber or sand. High schools, colleges, and municipalities are installing the innovative solution to combat the heat on synthetic turf fields. Independent testing confirms that T°Cool® technology reduces the surface temperature by 30 to 50 degrees, making fields cooler, safer, and more playable.   

T°Cool® is an eco-friendly solution that cools the synthetic turf surfaces by coating the black crumb rubber infill or sand. T°Cool® captures water from rainfall, dew, or irrigation and stores it for later use. As the sun’s radiation heats up the turf, T°Cool® releases moisture, making it the only proven synthetic turf cooling infill that cools the entire synthetic turf system for sustained periods of time.

Additionally, the T°Cool® coating also reduces surface friction and the smell of traditional crumb rubber. T°Cool® Sports Sand also includes the benefit of the antimicrobial additive, BacShield. This antimicrobial protection fights harmful microorganisms including bacteria, protozoans, viruses, and fungi such as mold and mildew.

To learn more about T°Cool’s Evaporative Cooling Technology, visit www.tcoolpt.com

Prater’s Flooring — PlayOn Decals

PlayOn decals are the only basketball court decals designed to be played on. Their process includes applying Bona SuperSport gym floor finish to the top of 3M Controltac Graphic Film to produce the safest environment possible for the athlete. While the decals certainly provide decorative designs to the courts, athlete safety is always a top priority. PlayOn decals have been independently tested by Rolla Coatings, Inc. and have been found to meet the coefficient of friction requirements as mandated by the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association.

With PlayOn decals, your floor will transform into a work of art that takes your event to the next level. Bring your own design or work with in-house designers to bring your ideas to life. Come game time, experts install on location and monitor throughout the duration of the event, and PlayOn decals are ready to use as soon as they’re on the floor — even if it’s minutes before tip-off!

To learn more about PlayOn decals, visit www.PratersFlooring.com.

Sports Attack — Elite eHack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine

Never see the same pitch twice — or see the same pitch hundreds of times with the Elite eHack Attack Pitching Baseball Machine from Sports Attack. In standard mode choose from eight different pitches (fastball, change-up, heater, split-finger, curveball right and left, and slider right and left) and customize the speed, spin, and location to match the hitter’s skill level. In manual mode, the hitter can widen or shorten the strike zone and change pitch locations to replicate in-game situations. 

The Elite eHack Attack’s software, displayed on an oversized 12” touchscreen monitor, can save favorite pitches and 10-pitch sequences to make the most of the hitter’s time in the cage. Its unique three-wheel design allows you to see the ball clearly and fully all the way through the feeding motion, acceleration, and release, just like a live pitcher. With this design, the hitter sees when to stride and the angle of release, giving him an actual live-arm sense of timing and location. It can be moved on and off the field by just tilting it, un-socketing the legs and easily rolling it on two heavy-duty transporting wheels. 

To learn more about Elite eHack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine from Sports Attack, visit www.sportsattack.com

Elite Turf — POWER System

Made with ocean plastic and 100% recyclable at the end of life, Elite Turf’s new POWER System enhances athletes’ game and safety. In collaboration with Act Global, Elite Turf USA is proud to offer an alternative infill to rubber crumb tire. Developed from recycled ocean plastic, ClearChoice Parley infill aids in removing over 1 million bottles of plastic from the ocean per field! The safety measures extend to the student-athletes after passing strict health testing — passing EN 71-3 toy safety standards, made of USDA approved components and does not have PAHs, heavy metals, or carcinogens. 

Under the mantra of “woven to win” the POWER System has a unique three-fiber blend woven into fiber lock backing. With 150,000 filaments per yard, the result is an ideal sports playing surface that provides more natural ball bounce and, most importantly, durability. With that durability comes increased foot stability and traction — leading to fewer injuries. Choosing woven fibers over tufted, there’s no need for a PE (polyethylene) backing. Not only does this allow for full recyclability at end of life, but it also enables better fluid egress resulting in quicker drying times and more playable hours for your teams

To learn more about Elite Turf’s POWER System, visit www.eliteturfusa.com

Enhance Mats — Logos & Graphics Design

Create an amazing facility that instills a sense of team pride for your players. Whether it is game day, recruiting, or practice, the visual of your team logo encourages team spirit, pride, and unity. 

Universities and professional teams look to Enhance Mats when they have a vision for extraordinary branding on a grand scale. While mats have been their business for years, Enhance Mats, Inc. has expanded the logo size capabilities of their custom inlaid logo carpet and mats from the average mat size to a bold scale. Their heavy-duty, stain/mold/mildew resistant indoor-outdoor material resists golf spikes, skates, and cleats, making it an excellent product for locker rooms, stadium entrances, entryways, or wherever bold branding is needed. 

With the latest in computer technology and skilled fabrication, recreating complicated logos and designs is virtually limitless. 

Put a great statement of their school front and center! 

To learn more, check out www.enhancemats.com

Schutt Sports — Splash Shield

The lightweight, inexpensive, and disposable Splash Shield will easily attach directly to the faceguard and will fit all configurations of football helmets. The Splash Shield is made of a clear optical material and has slotted tabs for ease in connecting the product to any faceguard on any helmet. The Splash Shield comes in two separate pieces — one for the upper part of the facemask, like the standard visor, and one for the lower part. It attaches to the inside of the faceguard and is trimmable as desired. 

While the Splash Shield will offer some protection, it can only limit exposure to airborne droplets that the athlete encounters during play. The Splash Shield has been approved by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) since June to be used by players during practices and games. Each order comes with three shields and can be used either as a disposable item or reused with simple household cleaning solutions. 

For more information on Schutt Sports’ Splash Shield for football helmets, visit www.schuttsports.com

Konect Speed — Speed Pro Team Bundle

Looking for everything you need to add data and time to workouts and drills to measure a team’s speed and reaction times? Look no further than Konect Sports’ Speed Pro Team Bundle — complete with three Konect Speed Athlete Sensors with waist clips, three Konect Speed Target Sensors, three Konect Speed Tap Targets with sensor mounts, one iPad speaker with charging cable, and one protective travel case. 

Konect Speed is a revolutionary athlete performance measurement platform that quantifies an athlete’s reaction and drill time for trainers to isolate opportunities in form and technique. Reaction time is the key to unlocking breakthrough speed, agility, and power for athletes.

Adding timing, speed, and reaction data to training gives both the trainer and the athlete the tools needed to connect speed training drills to game time performance gains. Establishing performance baselines, setting goals, and charting athletic progression is a game-changer for training. 

Using multiple Athlete Sensors enables faster training reps for large groups. One sensor for the athlete running the drill, two for the next two in line. When the first finishes the drill, he/she hands the sensor to the next one in line behind the other two with sensors in the rotation. The included iPad speaker greatly increases the sound level of the starting tones to ensure that athletes can hear the cues even in the noisiest environments. 

To learn more about Konect Speed and its Speed Pro Team Bundle, visit www.konectsports.com

Facility Armor — SideArmor

Protect your gym floor courtside areas with SideArmor, a 100% recycled polyester non-woven top cloth fused together with a non-skid, extruded, moisture barrier backing. SideArmor helps protect gym floors from damage caused by spills, street shoe traffic, chairs, tables, carts, staging, and equipment.

Additional features of SideArmor include anti-microbial protection, durability and stain resistance, protection of virtually any floor surface, slip resistance, among more. Add to your facility branding logo SideAmore, gym tiles, gym rolls that come in unlimited logo color combinations. Specifications can be made to reproduce logos, create complex and textured logos. With a one-year limited warranty, SideArmor is four feet in width and length is custom-tailored, with 3/16th of an inch thick. 

To learn more about Facility Armor, visit www.facilityarmor.com.