January 16, 2024

Washington lawmakers considering felony charges for assaulting refs

Washington state lawmakers are considering new laws to protect sports officials. Rep. Suzanne Schmidt was one of the Washington leaders sponsoring a bill that would crack down on unruly student-athletes and sports fans. The bill would make assaultin...

November 17, 2021

Washington Fires Head Coach Jimmy Lake Following Suspension

Former Washington head football coach Jimmy Lake spoke for the first time — via Twitter — since the university's decision to fire him on Sunday. The former Huskies head coach was suspended following the team's home loss to Arizona State last week...

October 7, 2016

Schools refusing to play Archbishop Murphy’s football team

For the third time this season, a Washington high school football team is refusing to play against Archbishop Murphy over concerns about player safety. Granite Falls High School earlier this week announced it would forfeit its game against the pri...

October 4, 2016

Washington increases field for state basketball tournament

Washington has elected to increase the field for its state basketball tournament from eight to 12 teams, beginning with the upcoming season. The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association's (WIAA) Executive Board made the decision last week...

April 21, 2014

Supporters Urge Washington to Sanction High School Lacrosse

From HeraldNet.comOver the past decade, the sport of lacrosse has experienced tremendous growth in popularity. Especially in the Pacific Northwest."The growth nationally continues to be pretty strong," said Dave Low, president of the Washington State...


The Overlake School: Maintaining The Balance Between Academics & Athletics

Sponsored By:Maintaining The Balance Between Academics & AthleticsThe Overlake School (Redmond, Wash.) maintains a good balance between academics and athletics by having everyone on the same page, says Upper School Head Gerald Buhaly....


The Overlake School: Small School Challenges With Athletic Participation

Sponsored By:Small School ChallengesWith Athletic ParticipationThe Overlake School (Redmond, Wash.) girls lacrosse coach Sue Haviland discusses the limited pool of athletes a small school encounters when looking for students to join their teams, and ...


How Overlake School Maintains A High Participation Rate

Sponsored By:How The Overlake School Maintains A High Participation RateThe Overlake School (Redmond, Wash.) maintains a high participation rate every year for several reasons, as head boys soccer coach Bob Bristol explains in the following video....