February 14, 2018

Rules for playing man defense against baseline inbounds

One of the most important things teams try to do defensively is to eliminate cheap baskets. You can’t provide your opponent a much better bargain than if you’re allowing them to easily score off of baseline out-of-bounds plays. Many coaches beli...

April 12, 2017

Successful inbound plays from the ‘dead corner’

As coaches, we sit around and try to figure out ways to execute inbound plays for many different game situations. When I talk about out-of-bounds plays, I refer to them as special teams situations, much like football. One area of the floor that is o...

June 2, 2010

‘Spread baseline inbounds series’ sizzles

The "spread baseline inbounds series" is a set of plays designed for each player on the floor to have an opportunity to score. Each of the following inbounds plays is designed to score a layup or get a good open jump shot. Each play easily flows into...