January 28, 2019

Idaho rejects shot clock for high school basketball

Idaho coaches and athletic administrators would like to adopt a shot clock for high school basketball, but the state athletic association doesn't feel the same way. The Idaho High School Activities Association's (IHSAA) board of directors last wee...

February 12, 2018

Idaho holds first state-sanctioned all-girls wrestling tournament

Idaho made history over the weekend, hosting the state's first sanctioned all-girls high school wrestling tournament. It's a step fans of the sport hope eventually leads to an all-girls state championship event. The tournament comprised more than ...

April 27, 2016

Report: Idaho football will drop to FCS in 2018

CBS Sports reported Wednesday afternoon that Idaho football will drop from the FBS to the FCS in 2018, the first program to make such a move to a lower division. Idaho, along with New Mexico State, was to be removed from the Sun Belt Conference fo...