Idaho rejects shot clock for high school basketball

January 28, 2019 / Basketball
Idaho coaches and athletic administrators would like to adopt a shot clock for high school basketball, but the state athletic association doesn’t feel the same way.

The Idaho High School Activities Association’s (IHSAA) board of directors last week rejected the latest proposal to add a 35-second shot clock for basketball. According to the Idaho Statesman, more than 80 percent of the state’s boys and girls basketball coaches support the idea, but the IHSAA wants feedback from superintendents and principals. The organization also is concerned about going against NFHS rules.

There’s also is the issue of cost. Schools would be forced to upgrade their equipment and hire operators to run the clocks during games.

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Eight states currently use a shot clock for high school basketball. Last year, Wisconsin was set to become the ninth before the state association reversed an earlier decision to adopt it after athletic directors and coaches across the state objected.

Coach & Athletic Director and its sister publication, Winning Hoops, conducted two reader polls over the past three years and found that roughly two-thirds of basketball coaches support the addition of a shot clock.

Learn more about what’s taking place in Idaho.

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