Two baseline inbounds plays From Bob Sonday, formerly of Monsignor Donovan High School, Toms River, New Jersey

These are two simple baseline inbound plays — one against a man-to-man defense, and the other against a zone defense. Both plays have given us many good shots.

DIAGRAM 1: In this set, 3 and 2 scissor off of 5. 5 can screen for 4, who fades to the corner after 2 and 3 scissor. 5 can then roll back after the screen. 1 can hit 2 or 3.

DIAGRAM 2: Against a zone defense, 3 dives to 1 while calling for the ball. 2 cuts behind the double screen set by 4 and 5. 2 receives a pass for the jumper. 5 may release to the ball if the defense gets lazy.

1’s pass is from a tough angle, so the player must be stationary. If the double stack is on the opposite side of the lane, the ideal situation would be for a left-handed player to inbound the ball.