SLOB with seconds remaining From Jon Giesbrecht, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Mb, Canada

This play is designed for any offense needing two or three points with six to 12 seconds remaining on the clock.

DIAGRAM: 2 cuts off of 1, rubbing shoulder to shoulder. As soon as 2 rubs off, 1 cuts above the 3-point line looking for the ball. 2 then continues their route around a double screen set by 4 and 5. When 2 comes off of the screen, 5 curls around 4 and cuts to the basket. 4 then pops out to the 3-point line.

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There are four scoring options: 2 flaring off the double screen to the corner, 5 cutting to the rim, 4 popping to the 3-point line or 1 in isolation.