Try These Five Quick Hitters Out Of A 1-4 High Set From Tega Carter, Former Head Men's Basketball Coach Oak Ridge Military Academy Oak Ridge North Carolina

Check out these five quick-hitting shots out of a 1-4 high set.

Release I

Carter 1

DIAGRAM 1: Release. Out of a 1-4 high set 1 dribbles left. 5 spins off his or her defender and cuts to the basket. 4 passes to 5 for a quick shot.

One Back

Carter 2

DIAGRAM 2: One Back. 1 passes to 2. 1 cuts off a screen from 4. If 1 reaches the block area and does not receive a pass he or she back screens for 4. If 4 is not open 1 can step out and receive the pass from 2 then pass to 4 (high-low action).


Carter 3

DIAGRAM 3: Curl. 1 passes to 2. 4 clears to the opposite block. 5 screens for 3 and 3 curls to the basket looking for a layup. 5 waits a second or two and curls right behind 3.


Carter 4

DIAGRAM 4: Diagonal. 1 dribbles to the left side. 3 clears to the opposite side. 2 cuts diagonal to ball side coming off two staggered screens set by 4 and 5. 1 passes to 2. Once 2 receives the pass 5 screens for 4. 4 cuts to the basket looking for a layup and 5 steps out looking for a jump shot.


Carter 5

DIAGRAM 5: Iso. 1 passes to 2. 1 does a UCLA cut off 4 and clears to the opposite side. 4 sets a ball screen on 2 and they work the pick and roll.