‘Warriors’ quick-hitter from a 1-4 high From Ernie Kent, former head men's basketball coach, Washington State University

This quick hitter, which we call “Warriors,” is part of our fast-break package but we also use it as a set play. If you find your offense stagnating, try this play from a 1-4 high set.

DIAGRAM 1: 1 passes to 2, then inside cuts to the corner. 5 slides down the lane to the ball-side block. 4 flashes to the top of the key.

DIAGRAM 2: 2 reverses the ball to 4 at the top of the key. 4 continues the reversal by passing to 3 on the wing. 2 waits for 3 to catch the ball, then shuffle-cuts to the opposite corner. 5 sets a backscreen, then proceeds across the paint. This is also a great place for 3 to backcut (initially) against pressure defense as the whole side of the floor is clear.

DIAGRAM 3: 4 sets a downscreen for 1. 1 uses the screen to look for an open shot. 3 dribbles toward the point to shorten the pass to 1.

DIAGRAM 4: 3 and 5 set a staggered screen for 2. 2 uses the screens to get open for a jump shot.