Sideline out-of-bounds staggered set series From Bob Baker, formerly of Ashland University, Ashland, Ohio

The objective of this series is to provide a quick scoring opportunity against an aggressive man-to-man defense.

DIAGRAM 1: If 3 is guarded taking the ball out of bounds, 1 and 2 split. Simultaneously, 4 cuts hard to the corner while 5 cuts to the top of the key. 3 inbounds the ball to 4 and cuts hard to the basket off a backscreen from 2. 4 passes to 3, and 5 rolls to the opposite block to follow the shot.

DIAGRAM 2: If the defensive is effectively denying the corner entry pass to 4, he or she can switch roles with 5. If neither entry pass is open, use 1 as a release.

DIAGRAM 3: Another inbound option is to go directly to 5. The initial action is the same, and after the ball is passed to 5, 4 moves up the sideline to backscreen for 3, who cuts to the basket. 2 backscreens for 1, and 5 has the option to pass to either 3 or 1 coming off the backscreen. 4 rolls to the basket, and 2 is the safety release.

DIAGRAM 4: If 3’s defender drops off into the lane, the initial actions remain the same. After the ball is inbounded to 4 in the corner, 2 down screens for 3. 4 passes to 3 for the open perimeter jumper. 4 and 5 roll to the basket for the rebound, and 1 is the safety release.