‘Purdue 1’ sideline inbounds From Gene Keady, formerly of Purdue University

diagram 1DIAGRAM 1: 3 takes the ball out on the side. Your two best post players (4 and 5) set up on opposite elbows. Your two guards (1 and 2) set up on each low block opposite one another.

diagram 2DIAGRAM 2: 4 and 5 break down and set downscreens at the low block on each side. 1 curls around 5’s downscreen and breaks toward the ball at the top. 2 makes a V-cut toward the middle of the lane, comes off 4’s downscreen and breaks to the top. 3 passes to 1.

1 takes a few hard dribbles to the middle of the floor and hits 2 popping to the top for a 3-point shot.

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