Multiple 3-point options vs. man defense From Marty Gaughan, Benet Academy, Lisle, Illinois

DIAGRAM 1: 5 breaks out to the ball-side 3-point line. 3 sets a downscreen for 1, who comes out to the top behind the 3-point line. 2 passes to 5 and steps inbounds under the basket.

DIAGRAM 2: 3 pops up and sets a screen for 4. After setting the screen, 3 curls behind the 3-point line at the top. 5 passes to 1, who swings the ball to 3. 3 looks to pass to 4, breaking toward the basket (option 1). 4 V-cuts and pops behind the weak-side 3-point line.

DIAGRAM 3: While the ball is being reversed, 2 sets a backscreen for 5, who breaks to the basket and looks for the lob pass from 3 (option 2). 1 sets a downscreen for 2, who pops back up to the top behind the 3-point line. 2 looks for a pass from 3 for a 3-pointer (option 3).

DIAGRAM 4: If none of the scoring options work, your team is now spread out and you are set to have them run the half-court offense.