‘Flat’ From Mike Morton, Edmond Santa Fe High School, Oklahoma

DIAGRAM 1: 1 inbounds the ball in a four-flat setup. The shooter is on the opposite block. 5 moves across the block to set a screen for 4, who runs up to the elbow. 5 rolls off the screen and looks for a pass under the hoop for an easy basket.

DIAGRAM 2: If 5 is not open, 1 passes the ball up to 4 at the elbow for an open jumper.

DIAGRAM 3: The third option in this setup is for a skip pass to 2 for a 3-pointer. This is typically a called play on the sideline if the low-post defender cheats inside. 4 sets the screen for 2 before rushing to the elbow.

DIAGRAM 4: If the inbound pass to 4 doesn’t provide an open look, 3 downscreens for 1 either on the defender in man defense or on the low-block defender in zone defense. 1 comes off the screen and looks for an open jumper or a 3-point attempt.