C-Down & C-Up From Tubby Smith, High Point University, North Carolina

diagram 1DIAGRAM 1: C-Down. 1 enters the ball from the right side. 4 breaks over and sets an on-the-ball screen for 1 on top and then rolls toward the basket. 1 uses 4’s screen and dribbles across the top and toward the left side of the floor. 3 breaks down to the baseline corner. 5 cuts up from the right-side low post to the elbow.

1 looks to shoot the 3-pointer; hit 3 in the corner; pass to 4 rolling to the hoop; or throw a skip pass to 5 or 2 cross-court.

diagram 2DIAGRAM 2: C-Up. This is the same play with the same movements, except this time 4 V-cuts as if they’re rolling to the hoop and then pops back behind the 3-point line. 1 hits 4 for a 3-pointer.