Box special From Nathan Livesay, contributing writer

Box special set play 1This play is run out of a box set and uses screen-the-screener action to get a shot in the post or on the perimeter.

DIAGRAM 1: Players set up in a box set with 4 and 5 at the elbows. 2 and 3 are at each low-post block. 1 brings the ball up court.

4 pops up and sets an up-screen for 1, who uses the screen and dribbles to the right. 3 cuts across the lane to the ball side and sets up behind the 3-point line.

Box special set play 2DIAGRAM 2: 2 breaks up to the opposite elbow and sets a screen for 5, who rolls to the opposite low-post block. 4 screens the screener, and 2 breaks to the top of the 3-point circle.

1 can feed 5 in the post, 2 for a quick jump shot, or hit 3 in the corner. If the pass goes to 3, he or she can either shoot the three or hit 5 in the post.

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