Quick-hitter from a flex set From Gary Williams, former head men's coach, University of Maryland

diagram 1DIAGRAM 1: This play is run out of the flex set. 2 and 3 are lined up low on opposite sides of each low block. 5 is set up in the wing area on the right side. 1 has the ball on top, while 4 sets up high behind the 3-point line on the left-wing area.

5 makes a V-cut toward the basket and sets an on-the-ball screen for 1. 1 dribbles to the right-side wing area.

diagram 2DIAGRAM 2: 5 and 1 run a pick-and-roll game on the right side. 2 and 4 set staggered screens for 3 cutting from the ball-side low block and curling to the weak-side elbow.

If no shot is available on the pick-and-roll between 1 and 5, 1 quickly passes to 3 at the weak-side elbow for a quick jump shot.


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