‘Post set’ with multiple options From Brian Miller, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Wisconsin

post basketball play 1DIAGRAM 1: 2 screens for 5, who comes to the wing. 1 makes the pass.

basketball post play 2DIAGRAM 2: 2 comes off a double screen from 1 and 4. 1 slips the screen as soon as 2 gets around it, giving 5 the option to hit 1 for a layup or find 2 at the top for a 3-point attempt.

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basketball post play 3DIAGRAM 3: If the shot isn’t there for 2, he or she reverses the ball. 1 sets a backscreen for 5, who finds the opposite block.

basketball post play 4DIAGRAM 4: The first option is for 4 and 2 to set a double screen for 1, who comes to the top looking for the pass. 3 also can pass to 5 in the post.

basketball post play 5DIAGRAM 5: If that isn’t available, Diagram 3 is followed by this counter. 5 uses a screen by 1 to find the low block. After the screen, 1 comes to the top and receives a reversal pass from 2. 1 can then look to find 5 in the low post.