‘Special’ for a post player (vs. 2-3 zone) From Keith Cooper, Saint MartinÕs College, Lacey, Washington

DIAGRAM 1: This is a zone special against a 2-3 that leads to an open 3-pointer in the corner for your best-shooting post player (4 in this example).

1 dribbles to the left wing, while 3 breaks down and screens the bottom, outside defender in the zone. 5 flashes to the middle of the lane to occupy the middle zone defense.

DIAGRAM 2: 4 looks for an open 3-point shot from the corner. If the bottom, outside, zone defender fights around 3’s screen and closes out on the shooter (4), 4 can quickly enter the ball into 3 for a shot in the post. 2 fills to the top to prevent defensive transition.