‘Lob’ vs. man defense From Les Wilson, formerly of Washington High School, Indiana

Les Wilson set play 1DIAGRAM 1: From a 1-2-2 set, 3
and 2 each break to the free-throw-line extended on their respective sides. 1 passes to 3 and cuts to the ball-side corner behind the 3-point line.

Les Wilson set play 2DIAGRAM 2: 4 breaks wide to the weak-side corner, while 5 pops to the top. 3 passes to 5, who quickly reverses the ball to 2.

Les Wilson set play 3DIAGRAM 3: As the pass is in the air going toward 2 (on the reversal pass shown in Diagram 2), 3 quickly cuts up and sets a backscreen for 5. 5 curls around the screen and breaks hard toward the basket. 2 throws a lob pass to 5 for a scoring opportunity.

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