‘Carolina’ baseline inbounds From James Rowe, Woodinville High School, Washington

Carolina Baseline Inbounds 1

DIAGRAM 1: 5 sets up on the ball side between the 3-point line and the block for a better screening angle. 2 sets up on the ball side elbow, 4 sets up on the weak-side block and 3 is positioned on top as a safety outlet.



Carolina Baseline Inbounds 2DIAGRAM 2: 5 breaks up and sets a screen for 2 (who should be your best shooter). 2 uses the screen and breaks to the ball-side corner. 4 breaks from the weak side and sets a screen (“screen-the-screener” action) for 5. 5 uses 4’s screen and rolls to the weak-side block. After setting the screen, 4 rolls toward the ball.

1 has three options early in this set:

A. Pass to 2 for a jumper.
B. Pass to 5 for a shot from the weak-side post.
C. Pass to 4 rolling to the ball.

Carolina Baseline Inbounds 3DIAGRAM 3: If none of the early options were open, 1 passes to 3 over the top. While this seems like a safety outlet, it’s actually the second option on the play. After throwing the pass to 3, 1 steps inbounds and uses a screen by 4 to go in either direction. 2 slides over and sets a screen on the ball side and 5 sets a baseline screen on the weak side. 3 passes to 1 coming off either screen. If 1 chooses to go toward 5’s screen, then 3 dribbles a few steps to the center of the floor to create a better passing angle.